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Rakesh Dhar


About Rakesh

Rakesh Dhar enjoys a wide variety of music. In particular, he favors Western classical music, especially pieces from the classical era, romantic era, and the twentieth century. Additionally, he enjoys Eastern classical music that is called Carnatic music. Rakesh prefers to listen to any music that is melodious and has a transforming quality. He also enjoys pieces that are soothing, relaxing. As long as the music is able to relax and encourage reflection, Rakesh will listen to it. Ultimately, he turns to music so that he can be transported into a different world in the spiritual sense.

While Rakesh Dhar typically listens to music in the car or working out, he never misses the opportunity to see music performed live. The Boston area is home to numerous concerts that Rakesh has had the chance to experience. Over the years Rakesh has seen performances at the Scandinavian Cultural Center / Nordic Hall in West Newton, Concord Academy Performing Arts Center in Concord, Jordan Hall in Boston, and the Gardner Museum in Fenway. When it comes to transformative experiences, experiencing music live is at the top of Rakesh Dhar’s list.

As a child Rakesh played a percussion instrument called a Tabla. The instrument is made up of a pair of drums, and it’s typically used in classical and folk music performances. This early experience with playing an instrument was the start of Rakesh’s lifelong love of music. One of Rakesh’s most fond childhood and music-related memories was when he played the Tabla during his school’s final concert. Performing before an audience can be a nerve-wracking experience, yet Rakesh exceeded his expectations and played well.

Professional Overview

Rakesh Dhar works as a clinician at CNS Multispeciality Clinic in Wellesley, MA. His work focuses on the areas of migraine headaches, neuromuscular disorders, stroke, spinal cord injury, sports injuries and concussion among many other conditions. In addition to this work as a clinician, Rakesh focuses on clinical research. Over the years he has conducted research at the Centers for Neurological Diseases, Harvard Institutes of Medicine in Boston and at TUFTS Medical Center and the Boston University Medical Center. Rakesh’s current research focuses on global patient safety at Merck in the greater Boston area. While working in the medical field can be challenging at times, Rakesh enjoys the diversity of the work and getting the chance to work alongside talented professionals. Helping to improve the lives of others is a rewarding and humbling experience that Rakesh is grateful for.